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Leupold GX-3 Digital Rangefinder Review


The Leupold GX-3 Digital Rangefinder is a very elegant and precise addition to the range. It is made from a solid section of aluminium making it lightweight yet strong also.


The display on the Leupold GX-3 Digital Golf Rangefinder is brilliant, clear and effortless to make out.

There are numerous settings you can select from, such as Scan Mode and Fog Mode.


These all help to determine accurate distance finding in any weather conditions, and to keep the laser focused on the item you wish to target and not anywhere else.


The PrismLock function additionally assists to guarantee the Leupold GX-3 rangefinder locks onto the pin and doesnt get confused by other objects. This is easy to use as you hold down one button and scan the green till the unit locks onto the pin.


Leupold GX-3 Digital Golf Rangefinder Main Features


- Stylish and sturdy piece of equipment

- Gives accurate readings of up to 800 yards

- PrsimLock function guarantees it locks onto the pin accurately

- Bright and clear to read display

- Very simple in use


It gives an extremely exact range reading up to 800 yards and is calibrated to use a laser beam with immense precision.


The speed at which the laser light returns from the pin is measured, then used in a calculation to give the exact length.


It can also differentiate between other things around the course and the pin itself to ensure the correct distance is found every time. Check for glock sights http://bestreviewsguides.com/best-rangefinder/